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Big Dave's Tippers

Trout River Big Daves Tippers

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Our Solution

MaxiTRANS is increasing operator safety and productivity across asphalt transportation with its Trout River Live Bottom trailers, designed to unload safely and efficiently in environments with low structures and overhead obstacles.

The design of the Live Bottom trailer allows the contents to be quickly discharged using an interior conveyor belt system. This offers a safer and more versatile complementary option when having to unload in environments with low structures or overhead obstacles.

Client's Response

“We do a lot of work on suburban streets, underneath trees and powerlines and I think the Trout River Live Bottom trailer is definitely the future in the asphalt industry,” Dave says. Adding that it means we are able to unload easily on a range of different work sites.

According to Dave, the Trout River Live Bottom trailers also ensure none of the load remains left behind inside the trailer. “Previously operators had issues with accessing material from the back of the trailer and the Live Bottom belt greatly helps to remove all the material. It also brings cost savings long term because less aggregate or asphalt is left in the bottom or at the back of the trailer.”

“The belt on our first Live Bottom trailer is about four years old now and still going strong. I know another company in Queensland who has an eight-year-old Trout River and they haven’t had to replace a belt yet, that was another reason I wanted these two additional units,” he says.

Dealing with MaxiTRANS Dealer, Trailer Sales Queensland for the first time, Dave has been impressed by the high levels of service, which he says will keep him coming back. “The staff are all very nice people. I have nothing but high regard for them. They help with the whole lifecycle of the trailer and I am just going to keep coming back – it’s as simple as that.”

Schreurs & Sons

Schreurs and Sons Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Side B-Double

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Schreurs & Sons is a third-generation farming business that is 100 per cent Australian family-owned and operated, specialising in celery, leek and baby leaf lines (including spinach, rocket and snow pea tendrils). With seven properties, spanning in total over 1,000 acres, it is one of the largest suppliers of celery in Australia and also serves international markets.

Chris Schreurs – Director of Business & Commercial Operations – takes pride in delivering high quality products to customers all year-round. His fleet transports fresh produce in Victoria, primarily between the business’ farm growing regions and the Melbourne wholesale market. Two of the biggest challenges for Schreurs & Sons are operational efficiency and load security.

As they don’t have loading docks on any of the farms, they needed an efficient and safe solution that not only maintains the integrity of the produce (particularly on warm days), but also achieves minimal turnaround time between locations.

Our Solution

Chris compared a Slide-a-Side to other equivalent options available and believed Maxi-CUBE provided the best solution for his needs. MaxiTRANS’ willingness to work with him to ensure he obtained the most efficient set-up and best use of the Slide-a-Side design was a great contributing factor.

As for productivity, the Maxi-CUBE Slide-a-Side certainly pays off Chris comments.

“Moving from curtains where we would have to strap down the load, this process is now taking less than half the time with a Slide-a-Side,” he says. “In addition, we elected to purchase a B-double set which now takes our round trips from our main growing region in Tarwin to our production facility in Clyde from an average of three trips a day into two. So, the fuel and labour savings have been quite significant. Prior to investing in our new rig set-up, we were frequently using two drivers doing three-to-four round trips between these locations during our peak season.”

Client's Response

“With the fridges up and running over last summer, we were very surprised with how well the thermal insulation worked on the Slide-a-Side,” he says. “It has exceeded our expectations in maintaining temperature control. So, they have done an excellent job there.”

The Maxi-CUBE Slide-a-Side’s sliding doors, according to Chris, are an important feature. “They are designed well and work with minimal effort, which is naturally saving time, stress and strain on the operator. This in turn is also a great OH&S outcome.”